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Air 1 Go - Nude

Fast shipping, easy manual, but I'm not happy with the sound quality :(
No clear sound, also there's latency between the video and the sound on phone and also on computer. I had old ones with a wire and the sound was perfect, I hoped this would be the same.

ANC+ Mode doesn't work

I don't see any difference between ANC+ Mode and Transparency Mode (maybe it'sbroken). But the rest of the features are pretty good, including the in-ear fit



Je les aiment beaucoup , le son est très bon .

Really good

These are really good, but the other reviews are right! The ear piece is slightly big that it can be painful after some time. However sound quality, Bluetooth connection, and battery life is all great!

Great earbuds. Anc is very effective. Sound is brilliant.

Air 1 Plus Earbud - Gold

Air 1 ANC - Black

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - Gold

Very nice earbuds and fast delivery!

I've bought 2 sets and received them a few days later, that was fast! Both sets are gifts and it was very well received by both. They happy, I'm happy!

Air 1 Plus Earbud - Black

The sound quality could be slightly better but overall very happy with the product. Super easy to use.

Air 1 Plus Earbud - White Marble

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - Pink Gold

I haven’t got them yet

I haven’t got them yet

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - White Marble

These plugs did make me happy

I'll tell you the truth I don't like to buy stuff online but these were not disappointing. I love how they still work even from a far distance and even behind a few closed doors. The quality of the sound is great it connects to the phone rapidly and most importantly it really does last for a very long time. A longggg time. Like I swear I haven't charged it in days and I'm currently still using it...

love them but the air 1 box is annoying

I LOVE the headphones. the only thing you need to change is the air 1 box. its really hard to open, more hard than it should be. you just need to had some rubber or silicone grips on the box for easier opening.

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - White Marble

Good product

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - White Marble


Good sound, comfortable, easy to par with mobil


I absolutely love my happy plugs ... they are so easy and sleek .

Can I just ask a quick question

Extremely satisfied thank you, but can I just ask one thing that I'm a little bit confused about, where it says 6.5 hour battery life then underneath 40 hour battery life whats the 40 hour for just slightly confused by that? Thanks

Very nice and pretty!

They are comfortable, very nice design, sound is really good, i love them!
only problem I have is that the touch buttons do not work perfectly, sometimes they are triggered when I don't want to and the other way around. Also they don't have a bluetooth tracker or something, so I am anxious that I will lose them...

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