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Air 1 ANC - Gold

My daughter loves them

My daughter asked for these for her birthday. When they arrived, she opened the well organised box to find instructions, extra ear covers, buds and charger. She was very pleased that buds were able to be worn singly so she could hear people talking, but also hear her music. Bonus was they were pink!

Air 1 ANC - Black

Air 1 ANC - White


Good quality, good bass, perfect fit, ... very very pleased with them!

Perfect for a multi-tasking mom and WFH set-up

I love the bass, sound quality, and ANC features tho there's a bit issue when connected with Macbook, sometimes it gets disconnected or sometimes suddenly the other plug disconnected. But overall I love it

Top notch

Amazing quality

The product is superb!

This is my second Air 1 ANC product (I gave the other one away as I better liked how the white marble design looked). The quality is great and I won't be buying anything else.

Just a feedback on the payment done on the site, better check on the security as my card was fraudulently charged immediately after I paid on your website.

Ok but not waw

Received my order relatively fast.
The color Mint is very nice and the sound is good but not fabulous.
The main issue I have with them is that they are too big / large but to enough to fall out during my running sessions so I guess it does the job.

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - White

very good

|I got a pair of these for my birthday and am very satisfied with the quality of the in-ear ear bud, the sound also sounds *the chiefs kiss* fantastic

Air 1 Plus Earbud - Black

Controls are difficult to manage

The design of the earbuds and the case is impeccable. Sleek and durable design. However, it takes too long to turn them on or off and sometimes they disconnect for no reason. Also, turning up the volume or down, changing songs or taking a call is really not user-friendly with the touch buttons. When I want to turn down the volume, it turns it up by accident etc. It is unclear how slow or fast you need to touch the buttons or where for that matter. I find that a big turn-off for quick use. Does anyone have any tips for these concerns?

Nice Plugs

Nice Plugs

Recieved hsppy plugs and delighted with them.

Helt fantastiska

Jätte bra hörlurar, väldigt bra ljud och håller väldigt bra i batteriet. Jag är jätte nöjd 😁

Love them

They work and look great. Good sound quality and the touch control is a nice touch. Microphone could be improved.

They work and are comfortable.

My worry buying these was they may be too invasive as I dislike earphones that sit too deep within my ear. But they are fine; very comfortable and work well and are easy to configure.

Good quality but I hope the instructions are simpler.

Pretty Decent

Audio works well if you're not expecting to have complete noise canceling earbuds. I wish the rubber pieces that go onto the earbuds stayed on the earbuds a bit better.

The mic is pretty pour so if I'm using a compter/laptop I use the internal mic of that instead of the earbuds because people can't hear barely at all.

Battery is pretty good.

That's about it.

Air 1 - Go - Black

Very Helpful!

Thank you


Decent but not amazing

My AirPods had recently started to have issues and I had heard great things about Happy Plugs so I decided to give them a try. I went with the Air 1 Go because I didn’t want to drop a lot of money on something that I was still skeptical about. I am glad I didn’t. The headphones feel very cheap, which is fine for the price. But what I really don’t like is that the actual headphone part is very large, they really don’t fit in my ears and when I go for a run they constantly bounce out even with the little rubber slips that are provided. I also have problems with them saying they are connected but no sound will play from them… I do love that you can control the volume with them but other than that I am not in love. Overall if you are looking for something similar to the AirPod and can not afford them these may be ones to consider but I feel like there may be better options out there.

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